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Pre-Competitive (Developmental) Program

Children who display gymnastics talent, follow directions well, have good listening skills and show an interest in gymnastics are invited into our developmental program.  This particular level of gymnastics is designed to challenge children who display the above mentioned skills in the sport of gymnastics.  The goal of the developmental program is to begin training specific skills in the proper progression so that one day your child may compete for the KGDC Twisters competitive team, with the ultimate goal of earning a college scholarship. 

Our developmental program does require a season-long commitment (August-May).  The approach to teaching developmental gymnastics is more technical than a instructional gymnastics class, while still having fun.  You can expect your child to master old skills properly along with learning new ones, but we place a strong emphasis on performing each skill correctly with the proper body position (i.e. belly in, buns squeezed, straight arms and legs, pointed toes).  In order to increase their skill level safely, more time is also spent on strength and conditioning.  

Teacher recommendation or prior developmental experience required.  Time commitment: two days a week for 1-2 hours per day.  Schedule varies per level.  Tuition is monthly.

  • ​Hotshots/Tiny and Mini Twisters

    For more detailed information please contact our program director Sarah at or call us 913-764-8282.