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For Coaches

We're Here For You Too!

KGDC Athletics isn’t solely a resource for young athletes to break new ground on skills; it’s a full-service training facility for everyone seeking to take themselves to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for new drills to accomplish new skills, brushing up on technical applications, or completely new to the world of Spirit Athletics; we can offer a helping hand. KGDC Athletics' services offer a range of training techniques and courses which will give you an edge in getting the most out of your teams.

"Our squad had an incredible experience with KGDC! Michael has an amazing ability to connect with our cheerleaders, making them feel powerful and succeed in areas they thought they couldn’t. He shows patience and motivates the girls to learn new skills. Everyone loved his sense of humor! Many of the drills and exercises we learned we will continue using at practice. We saw a huge improvement over the course of just two hours and can’t wait to get back to the gym to learn more!" 

Marie Qualls: Head Coach
Kansas School for the Deaf Cheer

Reserve Your Time Here Michael Kearns

Cheerleading Program Director

Phone: 913-764-8282

Big Skills Need Big Space

KGDC Athletics is opening our doors to teams that require spring floors, mats, trampoline, or a foam pit to take their training to the next level. Coaches can reserve time slot to bring their teams in to work tumbling, stunts, or even full performance routines in a safe, air-conditioned, professionally monitored, and USASF/ACCAA compliant facility.