Tumbling Level 2 - Handsprings! Handsprings! Handsprings!

Back Handsprings are bread and butter when it comes to tumbling. In Level 2 Tumbling Classes, students build off the great Handstands and Walkovers learned in Level 1. Whether frontwards or backwards or attached to a Round Off, you'll be Springing! into fun new skills!

Ages: 6 Years and Above
Class Ratio: 10 to 1
Class Duration: 50 Minutes
Monthly Tuition: $70.00

SKILL REQUIREMENT: Students must display All of Level 1 Exit Criteria.

CLASS EXIT CRITERIA: Athletes Must Display the Following Skills Unassisted:
Standing Back Handspring - Round Off Back Handspring - Standing Two Back Handsprings - Back Walk Over Back Handspring

Click here for a complete video of skills!