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KGDC: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Kansas Gymnastics & Cheer!

Below You'll Find Solutions to Some Common FAQ'S that Other Parents Have Found Useful!

Where should i drop off/pick up my child?

- We encourage parents/guardians to utilize any of our parking spots and then escort your child into the building. Classes begin promptly and we recommend students arrive 5 minutes prior to class start time to settle in. There is NO stopping/parking along the 123rd Terrace Curbside Entrance.

where should i park during business/non-business hours?

- During regular business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) we encourage families to use only our parking lot and spots to avoid tickets/towing. Additionally, our athletes and students are CHILDREN, so please be considerate while driving in and around our parking lot.

what should my child wear to class?

-For our instructional classes, we recommend athletes wear fitted leotards or athletic shorts & a fitted T-shirt/Sport Tank along with appropriate undergarments (No Sport-Bra Only Outfits). Ninja Storm Students MUST wear athletic shoes with good tread. While in class, no chewing gum or dangling jewelry (earring studs OK). Long hair MUST be pulled up and away from the face with a hair tie. Personal items may be stowed in the complimentary cubbies located in the parent observation room. KGDC will NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

my child has specific medical needs, is that a problem?

- It is important that the medical needs of your child be shared with the Front Desk & your child's instructor. Please elaborate these conditions in the appropriate section of your parent portal account. If your child has a medical condition, KGDC requires you to bring a signed doctor's release allowing your child to participate in gymnastics, cheerleading, acro, or ninja.

What's with the camera's

-We happily partner with Teague Security Systems to provide a safe environment for all our athletes and families!

how will i know about closings, inclement weather, etc?

-KGDC will communicate with adequate time through EMAIL, any closings due to Inclement Weather. Please be sure to add to your safe sender list if you have not already done so. All emails from KGDC will come from this address. If you are not receiving emails after signing up, please contact us at (913) 764 - 8282

Emergencies Will Be Communicated Via Text Message. Please be sure to select "Yes" next to your cell phone number to receive them.

when can i expect my tuition payment to process?

-Tuition is based on an average of Four Classes/Month for the entire instructional session and billed using the convenient ACH monthly auto pay system through iClass. Some months will have Five Classes and others Three Classes. KGDC does not charge more for "extra" classes nor refund for "less". Monthly tuition will be withdrawn on the 20th of each month (for the following month).

-Statements will be emailed on the 15th of each month and act as a reminder of the tuition withdrawal on the 20th of that month. If your child no longer wishes to continue their instructional class for the following month, YOU MUST send an email stating so prior to the 15th of that month. If we do not receive an email, your account will continue to be charged. No Refunds Will Be Given. No Exceptions

my child will have to miss class/arrive late, what should i do?

- If your child will be missing a class session of falls ill suddenly, please notify the office at If a similar class has an available opening, your student may possibly be eligible for a make up class. Make up classes are NOT guaranteed and are limited to ONE make up class per month per athlete. KGDC Gymnastics Team Athletes are NOT eligible for make ups.

-If your child is arriving LATE and sufficient time remains in class, please notify the front office at regarding arrival time. Please DO NOT send children out on the gym floor without a KGDC Staff Member's assistance. This is for your child's safety.

how safe is gymnastics/cheerleading/acro/ninja?

- KGDC prides itself on providing a fun, positive environment that defines success as "personal best" and not "better than others". This places value on effort, self-improvement, and skill mastery, which are all within the control of each individual. The coaches, instructors, and directors set curriculum for each class which challenges the students while not putting them in undue risk. All activities carry risk of injury, but it is the duty of KGDC to train the proper execution to minimize risk.

-In order to minimize risk of injury at more advanced levels, each class division at KGDC has a list of multiple skills on each event we feel are important for your child to master before moving them on to the next class division. Keep in mind - each child is different and will learn skills at varying rates. Please remember that evaluations are NOT a test, simply a tool to keep your child and instructor headed on the right path to success. You may follow your child's progress via the parent portal AND ask the instructor for progress updates!


Kansas Gymnastics and Dance Center, Inc. (DBA Kansas Gymnastics and Cheer) Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Kansas Gymnastics and Cheer Center and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Kansas Gymnastics and Cheer Center and support youth in your area.