Where Is The Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center?

Is the rock from Make it or break it a real gym?

The Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center, commonly referred to as simply The Rock, is a gymnastics club featured in season 1 and 2 of Make It or Break It. Though it is unclear exactly what year the gym opened, it was founded by the Cruz family with help of the Tanner family between the year 2000 and 2005.

What happened to Emily Kmetko?

In addition to her gymnastics training, she works nights and weekends at The Pizza Shack to help support her family financially. Emily later quits gymnastics as she decides to keep the baby and go to Las Vegas to live with her godmother.

Is Ayla Kell a real gymnast?

Jordan doubles for actress Ayla Kell, who plays Payson Keeler, the top gymnast at The Rock training facility. Although doing stunt work for the show is very different from an actual gymnastics competition, Padilla noted the similarities.

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Is Sasha in Season 3 of make it or break it?


Actor Character Seasons
Cassie Scerbo Lauren Tanner Main
Candace Cameron Bure Summer Van Horne Recurring
Neil Jackson Sasha Belov Recurring


Why did Emily leave make it or break it?

(In an especially ironic twist, Chelsea Hobbs, who played Emily and who was 24 at the time the show premiered, got pregnant during filming—a particular challenge for a show that emphasizes its cast’s bodies, and that caused her, as a result, to leave Make It or Break It after the second season.)

Who does Kaylie Cruz end up with?

“They were sisters, they were a family. Even when they hated each other, they loved each other.” And though Kaylie didn’t end up with Carter, actress Loren got her happily ever after — she got engaged two weeks ago! Keep your fingers crossed for a full cast reunion at her wedding.

Do Payson and Max get together?

In the season 2 finale Max tells Payson he loves her and then is about to tell her he’s bi. Payson interrupts him first and tells him whatever he will say doesn’t matter. In the season 3 premiere Max and Payson are still dating.

Is Emily Kmetko really pregnant?

If you need a refresher, gymnastics wunderkind Emily left the show after finding out she was pregnant in the second season. Meanwhile, the actress who played her, Chelsea Hobbs, was pregnant in real life with her second child, an adorable boy named Kingston.

Does Emily end up with Damon in make it or break it?

Damon eventually takes Emily’s virginity. In the meantime, Damon works on his music with Kaylie Cruz and they end up kissing in the recording booth (“Requiem for a Dream”). He later finds out that Emily quits gymnastics to be with him while he works on his music. They later get married and live a happy life.

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Is Ayla Kell married?

Personal life. In November 2014, Kell began dating actor Sterling Knight, whom she had met on the set of Melissa & Joey. The couple announced their engagement in October 2018.

What happened to make it or break it?

Make It or Break It: Cancelled, No Season Four. It’s the end of the competition for Make It or Break It. ABC Family has cancelled the TV show after three seasons on the air. The ratings got worse in season two but ABC Family still renewed Make It or Break It for a third season.

Who is Maeve in make it or break it?

Make It or Break It (TV Series 2009–2012) – Alice Greczyn as Maeve Benson – IMDb.

Does Sasha get kicked out of the rock?

He leaves The Rock in “At the End of the World” because he feels that his presence is hurting the girls. He eventually comes back after Payson, Lauren and Emily visited him in Romania (“Hungary Heart”).

Do Kaylie and Austin stay together?

Season 3. In the beginning of season 3, Austin and Kaylie are still dating. Austin promises Mr. Cruz that he will take care of his girl while she is in training camp with him.

Does summer and Steve get married?

But in the last episode of Season 2, when Summer kisses Sasha, he stops her from going too far and says that he didn’t want to affect her values and breaks up with her. At the beginning and during Season 3, you see that Summer gets back with Steve and seems to stay there with Lauren begging both of them to marry.

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