Quick Answer: What Is A Pullover Gymnastics?

What is it called when you pull yourself over the gymnastics bar?

Pullup exercises are typically performed on pullup bars attached to gym walls. But you can do pullups just as easily on a men’s gymnastics high bar, also known as a horizontal bar, which is just above 9 feet high.

Is Dumbbell Pullover worth doing?

The dumbbell pullover can improve shoulder mobility in that it stretches the lats and triceps — two muscle groups often responsible for impeded overhead mobility.

Is the pullover for chest or back?

A typical pullover involves resting the upper back on a flat bench. The hips are kept slightly flexed. Keeping the hips off the bench is said to help in balancing the weight and stability during the movement. The weight is held above the chest with elbows slightly bent.

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