Question: What Is An Air Track In Gymnastics?

What does an air track do?

An air track is a scientific device used to study motion in a low friction environment. Its name comes from its structure: air is pumped through a hollow track with fine holes all along the track that allows specially fitted air track cars to glide relatively friction-free.

Is an air track like a trampoline?

AirTricks are not a substitute for trampolines, but they offer a broad range of new possibilities to your park. They are bouncy for jumping and soft for landing, but also stable enough for running and playing. You can add your own line markings to create a soccer-, volleyball- or basketball field.

Are air tracks any good?

AirTrack Factory Mats for Home Use Their mats are a bit on the pricier side. However, they are also of insanely good quality, and you are going to love them. The whole idea behind an Air Track Factory tumbling mat is that you get the same experience as you would get at the gym but at a significantly lower price.

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Is an air track soft?

The air track features rapid inflation and deflation, it is easy to set it up, even your kids can do it! You can easily adjust the pressure to your preference. If you set it to maximum pressure the AirTrack can feel hard and if you set it to minimum pressure, it will be more flexible and softer.

What thickness air track should I get?

Your most common choices in thickness are 4 in, 8 in, or 13 in. 13 inch mats are popular with power tumbling and commercial trampoline parks. For homes the choice then becomes between 4 or 8 in. 4 inch mats are similar to the standard gymnastics spring floor.

Can an air track pop?

Do air tracks pop easily? If you choose a leading air track provider with quality products, air tracks shouldn’t pop easily. Commercial-standard air tracks like the ones at All About Gymnastics are made with high-quality materials that provide a bounce-back, low impact landing surface that’s made to last.

What is the best air track brand?

Best Inflatable Tumbling Mat

  • Top Pick. EZ GLAM Tumbling Air Track Mat. Easy to Use and Safest Design.
  • Most Affordable. BCGA Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track Tumbling Mat. Budget-Friendly and Waterproof.
  • Most Variety. FBSPORT Air Track Tumbling Mat.
  • Most Durable. AKSPORT Airtrack Gymnastics Tumbling Mat.

How much does an air track cost?


Airfloor Airtrack P2
Starting Price $850 $3,050
Inflation Time 32sec – 4min 20sec 2min – 6min 10sec
Blower Used Footpump, OV10 OV10, Hitachi


What is the best air track?

The 5 Best Air Track Mats for Gymnastics:

  • AirTrack Factory Air Track Mats.
  • FBSPORT Inflatable Training Mat.
  • AKSPORT Inflatable Floor Mat.
  • EZ GLAM Inflatable Tumbling Track Mat.
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Can an air track get wet?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Fbsport air products (airtracks) are waterproof. You are free to have fun with them in the water, or in the snow.

Why does my air track keep deflating?

If the Airtrack loses an unusually high amount of pressure, check that the valves are closed properly by giving them a quick push. If it continues to lose air pressure, check it for holes or cracks – maybe it has been exposed to minor damage. (For repair of holes/cracks see – 7.

How long do air tracks last?

With a normal use Airgym products can hold for an average of 10 years. Of course we have Airtracks in the field that are exceeding this.

Can you put 2 air tracks together?

Connect your air tracks to double your tumbling fun. Connector tape is designed and made to connect two air tracks.

Are air tracks dangerous?

Surprisingly, it is entirely possible to use an air track incorrectly. This can make your training just as dangerous, potentially even more so than training without an air track at all.

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