FAQ: What Are The Safesport Rules For Women’s Gymnastics?

What are SafeSport violations?

The Policy requires that every employee or volunteer of any USA Hockey Member Program must report (1) actual or perceived violations of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook, (2) any violations of the policies prohibiting Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Bullying, Threats and Harassment, and Hazing,

What is SafeSport code?

The SafeSport Code defines the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s authority and jurisdiction, prohibited categories of abuse and misconduct, and the Center’s process for responding to and resolving abuse and misconduct claims affecting the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

How can you make your gymnastics environment safe to practice?

To stay safe while practicing and competing, gymnasts should:

  1. Get a sports physical before starting any new sport.
  2. Always warm up and stretch before doing gymnastics.
  3. Only practice on padded floors, never on a hard surface.
  4. Have a coach or program director who is qualified and is at every practice.

Is SafeSport anonymous?

SAFESPORT HELPLINE: A 24/7 RESOURCE Specialists for the Helpline (operated by RAINN) can provide confidential, one-on-one live support by phone, chat, or mobile app.

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What is an example of physical misconduct?

Physical misconduct involves contact or non-contact behavior that can cause physical harm to an athlete or other sport participants. It also includes any act or conduct described as physical abuse or misconduct under federal or state law (e.g., child abuse, child neglect and assault).

What are examples of emotional misconduct?

Non-contact behavior includes verbal and physical acts, as well as actions that deny attention or support. It also includes any act or conduct (e.g., child abuse and child neglect) described as emotional abuse or misconduct under federal or state law.

Where is SafeSport located?

The U.S. Center for SafeSport is a national nonprofit organization providing education, resources and training to promote respect and prevent abuse in sport. The Center is located in Denver, Colorado, and is now open.

What is Canada’s safe sport?

DEFINING ” SAFE SPORT ” Individuals participating in all disciplines of gymnastics in Canada, including athletes, coaches, officials, sport administrators, volunteers and others should be able to engage in a sport environment free from abuse, discrimination and potential harm.

What are the 6 types of gymnastics?

Women compete on four events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, while men compete on six events: floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar.

What must a gymnast do before showing their routine?

Preparing Physically

  • Practice the routines you will perform in your meet.
  • Focus on details such as dismounts, dance and landings.
  • Plan your warm-up time.
  • Have a practice meet.
  • Modify your conditioning.
  • Eat well and stay hydrated.
  • Visualize the gymnast you want to be at your meet.
  • Try mental choreography.
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Why is gymnastics dangerous?

Gymnastics is a high-impact sport, and one misstep can cause serious injuries. Broken bones and serious sprains are common among gymnasts. When children break bones along a bone’s growth plate, the bone may stop growing. Breaks that do not heal correctly can cause crooked posture, difficulty moving and long-term pain.

What age does the US Center for SafeSport consider a minor?

Center or USCSS: means the U.S. Center for SafeSport. Child, children, minor or minor athlete: means anyone under the age of 18. In this policy the terms “ child ” and “ minor ” are used interchangeably. For the avoidance of doubt, children / minors cannot consent to conduct of a sexual nature.

What are three examples of physical misconduct?

Criminal Conduct Physical Misconduct includes any act or conduct described as physical abuse or misconduct under federal or state law (e.g., child abuse, child neglect, assault).

How long is USA Hockey SafeSport good for?

The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season beginning on 4/1/21. As of January 1, 2018, all relevant individuals who need to be SafeSport certified or are seeking recertification will need to complete the new SafeSport training, which features updated content.

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