FAQ: How Much Is A Gymnastics Air Track?

How much is an air track?


Airfloor Airtrack P2
Starting Price $850 $3,050
Inflation Time 32sec – 4min 20sec 2min – 6min 10sec
Blower Used Footpump, OV10 OV10, Hitachi

What is the best air track in gymnastics?

Best Inflatable Gym Mats

  • AKSPORT. Gymnastics Inflatable Floor Mat. Professional Design.
  • EZ GLAM. Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat. Absorbs Impact.
  • ibigbean. Air Tumble Track. Sturdy & Durable.
  • BCGA. Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track. Great Bounce.
  • FBSPORT. Inflatable Air Gymnastics Mat. Designed for Gymnasts.

What is a good air track?

10 CM – 20 CM – 30 CM

  • AirTrack (20 or 30 cm) with a relatively low pressure. Easier take offs, higher jumps, softer landings and a lower impact on your body.
  • AirTrack (20 or 30 cm) with a relatively high pressure. More stability and rebound.
  • When using a thinner AirTrack (10 or 20 cm)

What is an air track for gymnastics?

Air tracks are inflatable landing surfaces or tumbling beds for gymnastics, cheerleaders and parkour enthusiasts.

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What thickness air track should I get?

Your most common choices in thickness are 4 in, 8 in, or 13 in. 13 inch mats are popular with power tumbling and commercial trampoline parks. For homes the choice then becomes between 4 or 8 in. 4 inch mats are similar to the standard gymnastics spring floor.

Is an air track waterproof?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Fbsport air products (airtracks) are waterproof. Fbsport airtracks are made from durable Double-Wall Material, which is 10mm-thick commercial grade PVC tarpaulin.

Is a thicker air track better?

Air track size thickness Choosing a mat that is 20 to 30 cm with low pressure will give you easier take offs, higher jumps, softer landings and a lower impact. Choosing the same mat with high pressure will give you more stability and rebound.

Can you put 2 air tracks together?

Connect your air tracks to double your tumbling fun. Connector tape is designed and made to connect two air tracks.

How long do air tracks last?

With a normal use Airgym products can hold for an average of 10 years. Of course we have Airtracks in the field that are exceeding this.

Can you wear shoes on an airtrack?

Funtrax Airtracks are custom-designed training equipment for home gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, school sports, showgroups, martial arts, parkour, freerunning and tricking. Do not use shoes on an Airtrack as it may damage the surface. If a better grip is desired, use Funtrax socks with grip.

What is an air track mat?

Gymnastics Air Mat Tumble Track Tumbling Mat Inflatable Floor Mats With Electric Air Pump. The mat is made from durable PVC material and is rated for up to 35 pounds of force. This inflatable gymnastics mat is an excellent choice for a wide variety of activities.

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Can you use an air track on concrete?

Can Air Tracks Go on Concrete? The answer is again “yes”, but we definitely recommend placing a groundsheet or tarp beneath the mat. Even if the concrete is very smooth, the additional protective sheet will ensure you don’t wear out your air track.

Are air tracks dangerous?

Surprisingly, it is entirely possible to use an air track incorrectly. This can make your training just as dangerous, potentially even more so than training without an air track at all.

Are air mats safe?

Safer than a tumbling mat and more durable than a trampoline; any air track for sale in this in depth review will provide the following: a safe cushion to stick or break your landing, a rebound identical with competition tumbling floors, and a surface to practice your pass on.

Are tumble tracks bouncy?

For those who don’t know, a tumble track is a cushioned and/or bouncy platform specifically designed to help gymnasts and other acrobatic athletes perfect skills such as flips, somersaults, round-offs, and more.

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