FAQ: Gymnastics Tutorial How To Do A Pullover?

What is a pull over in gymnastics?

A pullover is a gymnastics skill which is performed on the uneven bars. In a perfectly executed pullover, gymnasts, using strength only, pull themselves up until their chin is above the bar. They then continue to flip over the bar backwards with their hips square and their legs straight.

What is it called when you pull yourself over the gymnastics bar?

Pullup exercises are typically performed on pullup bars attached to gym walls. But you can do pullups just as easily on a men’s gymnastics high bar, also known as a horizontal bar, which is just above 9 feet high.

What is a back hip circle on bars?

The back hip circle is an element in men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics. To perform the skill, the gymnast rests on the bar in a front support. He casts away, returns to the bar, and travels around it, returning to a front support. A more advanced version of the back hip circle is the clear hip.

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